Principal Davis Lycan

Mild mannered principal with a secret


“We are preparing you for the rest of your life.”

Principal Davis Lycan moved to San Luis Obispo a few years ago from the Big Sur Valley area, along with his daughter, Madeleine Lycan After his wife, Lauren, passed away, Davis wanted to get a new start and accepted an administration position with Carnamagos High after having taught chemistry for many years and becoming an assistant principal.

The Lycans, however, were part of the Big Sur Valley werewolf clan and whereas moving out of that area’s pack was considered scandalous in some ways, the Lycans seemed to have petitioned the wolf elders for the ability to leave. Not long after, Luthor Castle, another member of the wolf clan, moved his family to the same area.

Principal Lycan is well respected, liked by the students and faculty and tries to maintain discipline and respect for all. However, he is oblivious to the numerous seedy elements which have taken root in his school and would be horrified at the amount of criminal activity as well as the vile presence which has taken root at Carnamagos.

Principal Davis Lycan

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