Phoebe Castalanta

The next trophy wife of Victor Sterling


“I can’t decide between the Versace and the Balmain so I’ll just take both.”

Phoebe Castalanta defines much of what is considered ‘high society’ in San Luis Obispo. Her numerous social events, fund raisers and galas are always the talk of the town. Of course, for some there is a darker side. The fact that she is one member of the somewhat notorious and enigmatic Castalanta Family is never far from people’s minds. But she manages to navigate those waters and has positioned herself as one of the town’s trendsetters. Her brother, Ricard Castalanta, is also a well-known figure about town. Her father, Ferdinand Castalanta, is, however, is far more enigmatic and private.

Presently, she is romantically involved with one of San Luis Obispo’s more prominent citizens, Victor Sterling. Whereas a date has not yet been set, it is certainly on the horizon. She seems to have a cordial but detached relationship with Victor’s two daughters, Molly and Melody.

Phoebe Castalanta

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