Noah Wilton

A kindler, gentler drug dealer


“If I wanted to run a charity, I’d be working at Goodwill.”

For those too afraid to deal with the sociopath that is Major Kindt, Noah Wilton is an alternative. While mostly dealing in less dangerous, recreational drugs like weed, X and on occasion his ‘magic mushrooms,’ Noah does make a tidy profit with his wares. Major has recently taken notice of Noah’s very small, personal operation and whereas he intends to deal with the situation, he has, as of yet, allowed Noah to operate without interference but that is likely to change.

Noah comes from the southern part of San Luis Obispo, the far more economically depressed area of town, feeling that supplying his classmates at Carnamagos High with the kinds of recreational drugs that makes the clubbing experience all the more entertaining.

To say that Noah is a ‘nice guy’ may be over simplifying things, as he certainly is not warm and friendly. However, to the right people he’s a solid friend and is willing to deal on credit with a very few select customers. But these are few and far between. One of those customers was, at one point, Alexa Tremane, when she was still using. And he may be the individual who was recorded, having a sexual encounter with her when the audio was sent to Quintin Castle. However, due to his respect for Quintin, if it was him, it was done so without his knowledge.

He can be found at either Club Karma or The Groove, supplying his wares as he sees this as his well-paying after school job.

Noah Wilton

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