Melissa Castle

The definition of MILF


“You don’t want me to call my husband.”

Melissa Castle came with his husband, Luthor Castle and her son, Quintin Castle, when they moved from the Big Sur Valley to San Luis Obispo. Her husband’s amazing business talents made them very wealthy in the oil business, allowing them the luxuries they had always dreamed of. Of course, one of these luxuries was leaving the familial pack of werewolves to which they belonged.

Melissa set up contacts as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, not because she needed the money but because she had an interest in doing something and having an excuse to work out and, as some have said, show off her body and flirt at the gym. But whether her flirtations were innocent or something deeper, they have certainly led to some tensions as her jealous husband has threatened and even assaulted those unfortunate enough to give his wife unwanted attention.

Despite this, there is little doubt that she has an unwavering love for her husband as well as her son. She is very clear on her views of the importance of family, and the pack. But despite her over protective nature she cannot control everything.

Tragedy struck the Castle family, recently when her daughter, Sage, fell to her death from the beach side Diamond cliffs at night. Witnesses saw her fall from a distance to the ocean below, but her body was never recovered. The Sheriff ruled it an accident as there were no signs of foul play. Unknown to Quintin and the rest of the family, Sage had been at the beach that night for a secret tryst with Devon Lauer.

Melissa Castle

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