Madeleine Lycan

Typical principcal's daughter syndrome


“I just don’t like dicks. Well, small dicks, I guess.”

Madeleine Lycan is the typical student at Carnamagos High, if such a thing exists. She hangs with the average crowd, enjoys the typical music, and finds the same things lame and exciting as everyone else in her age group. But with Madeleine, there are a few differences. First, her father, Davis Lycan, is the school principal. Second, and perhaps more important, she is reportedly, known to a select few, to be a werewolf.

She has kept this a tight secret, known only to the smallest number of people, such as Quintin Castle. Her background is the same as Quintin – her family comes from the Big Sur Valley. She and her father moved from there to San Luis Obispo about a year before Luthor Castle and his family. It is suggested that there is a future arrangement between Madeleine and it is evident that she cares deeply for him, defending him at every opportunity (and numerous opportunities arise).

Aside from the aforementioned aspects of her being a werewolf as well as her father’s unique position, it would surprise any number of people to discover that Madeleine is deeply involved in the notorious Pay for A scheme, being one of the main customers of Major Kindt’s enterprise. This fact was uncovered by Ms. Ives, the geometry teacher. But upon finding out Madeleine was involved, Ms. Ives backed off reporting the whole scandal, fearing the fact that she could lose her job.

Madeleine spends a lot of time on Diamond Avenue and at Diamond Beach with her friends, enjoying the luxurious weather that San Luis Obispo has to offer.

Madeleine Lycan

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