Lydia Swanson

Emma Lee's biggest fan?


“I’ll take you places you never knew existed, babe.”

Lydia Swanson is another face on the cheering squad who, like the other cheerleaders, revels in the popularity and fame. While she certainly sits with the squad and attends all their functions, there is something different about Lydia that almost has her riding the line of being different or even an outcast. When she isn’t around, the other cheerleaders often gossip about her, wondering what it is about her that seems off or different, not knowing what she is really about.

Lydia is either bisexual or a lesbian, as evidenced by her recent desire to form some kind of relationship with Emma Lee Raines. At first, Emma Lee seemed flattered and intrigued by the idea but as Lydia began to press herself and become more aggressive in the attention she wanted, Emma Lee was quickly turned off and decided to keep her distance from the strange girl.

Lydia Swanson

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