Luthor Castle

An oil tycoon


“There is nothing I won’t do for my family.”

Luthor Castle moved his family from the Big Sur Valley several years ago after cashing out a massive interest in an oil concern. He then turned around and bought into another oil concern, further increasing his wealth. San Luis Obispo was a good choice for him as an associate, Principal Davis Lycan had already moved there a few months prior.

What most people do not realize is that Luthor comes from a long line of loup garou, or werewolves. Some incident that Luthor does not speak about with his son, Quintin Castle, prompted he and his wife and daughter, Sage Castle, to leave the area and settle in San Luis Obispo. Luthor’s wife, Melissa Castle, gladly went along with the plan, leaving the larger, familial pack behind. And Principal, Lycan, also a werewolf, had already made connections in the town.

Luthor is fiercely loyal, perhaps to a fault, in protecting his family. He retaliated fiercely, with lawyers and threats when his son was involved in the Miranda Kelly Sex Video scandal. It is reported that he threatened to ‘destroy’ the Kellys if they did not back down from their pursuit of the matter.

In another incident, when his wife, Melissa, received some seemingly unwanted attention from the gym where she acted as a fitness instructor, Luthor attacked the man, brutally, putting him in the hospital. Witnesses described Luthor as ‘insane’ and ‘animalistic’ and ‘brutal’ in his assault. The lawsuit is still pending.

However, part of Luthor’s rage may stem from the fact that he recently lost his daughter, Sage who died after falling to her death from the beach side Diamond cliffs at night. Witnesses saw her fall from a distance to the ocean below, but her body was never recovered. The Sheriff ruled it an accident as there were no signs of foul play. Unknown to Quintin and the rest of the family, his sister had been at the beach that night for a secret tryst with Devan Lauer.

Luthor Castle

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