Lizzy Ashbury

She didn't even like Dandy Cakes


“Sure, I can wear the cheerleader uniform . . . "

The story of Lizzy Ashbury is a tragic one. A will liked teenager and a member of the cheering squad at Carnamagos High. Lizzy had many friends. But when few of them knew is that in the evenings she offered strip shows for money over the internet for those willing to pay. She was able to generate quite the side income for her efforts.

However, a few months ago she was found dead at the factory of the Dandy Cakes Company. Lizzy’s body was found one morning on the floor of the factory, her body illuminated by a strange ceiling light, giving her an almost angelic look. During the investigation into Lizzy’s death, which shocked everyone at the school, her double life as an internet stripper was uncovered. The police theorized that some deranged fan met up with her and killed her even though she showed no signs of sexual assault. Hollis Dandy cooperated fully with the investigation and he and the company were cleared. The case is currently open.

Lizzy, as it turned out, was a puppet of Mahala Kindt, her using her powers to bring her back to life. However, some unknown force killed her again, at Mahala’s house, hacking her to bits with an axe.

Lizzy Ashbury

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