Lilith Marid

I'm a Genie in a Bottle - I can make all your wishes come true.


Hot: 2
Cold: -1
Volatile: -1
Dark: 1

Strings On Me:
Simon: 2
Emma Lee: 1

Strings To Me:
Tony: 1
Quentin: 2
Emma Lee: 2
Devon: 3
Molly: 1


Alone, that is something I’ll never be again.

I always assumed there was something wrong with me, given that my mother was always a little distant. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized it isn’t me. She’s broken. She doesn’t seem to know how to have a healthy relationship. She’s hallow, emotionally. I can only guess that it has something to do with my father. I say guess, because she won’t, or can’t, discuss it. Even Sharon Lake (n), mom’s best friend and more like a beloved aunt to me, won’t tell me anything. Maybe that is why I don’t know how to have healthy relationships.

My mom’s ability to engage in fucked up relationships is also responsible for most problems in my life. She had a disaster of a relationship with Hollis Dandy, He hurt her. I can tell. I’m going to make him pay, somehow. She dated Ricard Castalanta very briefly. Thank GOD that didn’t last long. I went with her to a party at the Castalanta House but something happened. All the guests were drugged. But, the drugs didn’t really work on me. As I was pretending to be unconscious, I heard someone refer to the guests as “this crop being quite good.” I rustled mom out of there as soon as I could. When I told her what I had heard, she told me not to bring it up and made me promise not to go back there. She broke up with Ricard soon after.

That night changed my life. Soon after being dosed with whatever it was, I noticed I’d gained certain skills. At first I thought I was imagining things. All of the sudden, people found me attractive. Like really attractive. Some so much so that they couldn’t focus. I found I could use this to my advantage to extract myself from difficult situations. I’ve also become some kind of fucked-up fairy godmother. I seem to be able to grant people’s wishes when they ask for beauty or money. I don’t think anyone else has noticed that I can do this though. I usually pass it off as giving a quick beauty tip or suggesting some money making endeavor. Of course, I only bestow this to people that are my friends. I have lots and lots of friends and I’m never alone. I don’t mind being a genie for my friends.

Life with mom isn’t all bad. She is kind of like having an older sister. An older sister with excellent fashion sense and a good paying job as a very successful small business owner. I definitely inherited the fashion sense. I’m not shy about sharing my knowledge with the masses at Carnamagos High or lending a hand with charity events. Oh, right -the Grape festival incident. LOL I’m pretty sure that was when I figured out that I was influencing people. I got a little overzealous with my new found ability to cloud people with my looks and did a lot of kissing while volunteering at the Kissing Booth. It turned into an orgy. The Grape Festival Orgy. Most think it is a myth, but it wasn’t. I caused that. It is so weird to think I have that kind of influence. Imagine what kind of mischief I can cause when I put my mind to it.

Ah Carnamagos High -My home away from home. I’m proud to be a cheer leader and next in line for Captain -Go Coyotes!. I’m currently dating Colton Wolfe, the quarterback and captain of the football team. I know! Totally teen queen stereotype here.

I do have a few people I consider closer friends than others.

Emma Lee Raines is on the cheerleading squad with me and we hang together during events. I suppose it could be said that Emma Lee and I are double trouble. Ok, there could be some truth there. While at a cheer party, we both got a little drunk and snuck onto the roof of Dandy Candy Company. We got a little friendly with each other when Lizzy Ashbury (Bitch) tried to sneak up on us and tape us together. Well, things got a little push and shove-y and Lizzie ended up falling off the roof. (Ok -dead Bitch) Emma Lee and I made sure there was no evidence of out presence and we looked awesome in coordinated black dresses at the funeral. That was a while ago, but now people avoid Dandy Cakes at night… I do love ghost stories. I also got Emma Lee out from under Major’s thumb in the Pay for A ring.

Quintin Castle – What to say about Q. We’ve been friends for a long time, since his family moved here. For inexplicable reason, I feel like he has become my very own Mr. Blonde. Hey, I like Reservoir Dogs. He is very protective of me. I don’t think I’ve somehow entranced him, but he does seem to like taking care of my problems, usually in some violent manner. Example: Cult of Vesta This shitty cult tried to force me into joining them. The leader at the time, Sophie Wessel, got forceful and scared me. Quintin said he’d get them off my back. Sophie ended up dead in Tijuana. That’s all I know. And, quite frankly, all I want to know. Her death was not my intent. Then there was the Miranda Kelly thing. She started digging into my past. I was terrified she’d find out about Lizzy and I asked Q to distract her. WOW – I didn’t expect the whole tape thing. I’m going to have to figure out a way to make sure Miranda gets the money needed for college. After all, it is clear she has a real talent. I must admit, I’m pretty protective of Q as well. I’m doing my best to keep him and Major Kindt from starting a war and/or killing each other.

And then there is Simon Parker. He is so broodingly hawt! Q somehow involved him in the whole Tijuana thing. Again- I just don’t want to know. He did do something really nice for me though. Apparently, someone was snooping through my things and Simon chased he/she off. He ended up getting knocked out for his troubles. Why would he do something nice for me? Very puzzling. I’m going to have to make it up to him somehow. Hmm, I did hear that he was having some trouble over not being quite good enough for some costume thing??. I’m sure I could help him out with that…. With my help, he’d be winning awards for them (if they win awards for that sort of thing?).

Rounding out our merry crew are Molly Sterling and Devon Lauer. We can all be found together whenever the Dick Nixons are playing.

Lilith Marid

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