Levi Digby

A kid who went missing


“Nothing in life is to be feared.”

Levi Digby was a successful wrestler at Carnamagos High. He was popular and well-liked by most everyone even though he never stood out as a leader of any kind. An average student who everyone seemed to know, it was a shock when he disappeared suddenly and without any clues.

The circumstances of his disappearance were that he was walking home after practice, on a route he typically took, past several shops and stores. He was seen by a few individuals who knew him and waved to him. One individual even noticed him talking on a phone as he was walking, evidently upset. He never made it home.

His phone was found several days later, near the woods behind Oro Hills. When his phone was examined, there was no call that was made or received around the time he was seen taking a call, prompting authorities to think he was either on a different phone or not actually on a call.

During the police scrutiny into his personal life, some interesting questions came up about his past, including his step-mother’s former life as an adult film star. Donna Digby, (whose screen name was ‘Connie Cummz’) had hoped to keep that part of her life hidden but the disappearance of her step son shattered that. In the end, neither Donna, nor Levi’s father, Joshua, nor his sister, Leah, were ever held under any suspicion and the case remains open.

Levi Digby

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