J.J. Ross

Lead singer of a popular band


“Kill People. Burn Shit. Skip School.”

J.J. Ross is the founder and lead vocalist of the Dick Nixons, a popular band formed by students from Carnamagos High. Ross recruited the other members when they were all sophomores and the band has met with success every since. They play at various venues, including The Groove and Club Karma.

Charismatic and sexy, Ross is rarely without a girlfriend (or, according to some rumors, a boyfriend). He leaves much of the business of the band to Harley Morningstar, while he focuses a lot on writing many of the songs, all dealing with death, destruction and bad behavior – all things that resonate with his high school audience. Devon Lauer and Sachamo Luke, the other members of the band are people he considered close friends, as well.

For a short time, he dated Mahala Kindt, the younger sister of Major Kindt. Whereas they seemed to make, by all accounts, a ‘cute couple,’ the relationship never lasted as Mahala seemed to think that his time in the band interfered with what should have been a meaningful relationship.

J.J. is, to many, one of the coolest guys in school. He always manages to say the right thing, have the perfect comeback and has perfected his look.

J.J. Ross

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