Hollis Dandy

A dark purveyor of treats


I surround myself with beautiful things but they never interfere with my business.

Hollis Dandy is the owner and CEO of the Dandy Cakes Company, a business built by his father, Dr. Michelson Dandy. a Haitian immigrant who was the former Minister of Tourism for the Duvalier government. Upon taking over the company, Hollis Dandy expanded the operation throughout most of California and into Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. His mind for business is well respected in the community as he is responsible for many jobs in the area. However, for as solid as his business reputation is, his personal reputation is dark and somewhat sinister.

Hollis Dandy has had numerous intimate relationships with women in San Luis Obispo and each one has ended in either heartbreak or terror and in some cases, the woman has left town out of fear. One such relationship with Sabrina Marid, ended poorly, as well, with allegations of psychological, emotional and physical abuse.

Presently, Hollis Dandy lives in a massive estate with his mother, Mirlande and his niece, Astrid.

Hollid Dandy chose poorly in siding with the Castalanta family. In an effort to destroy Simon Parker, he managed to gain the ire of Emma Lee Raines who used a magic disk to incinerate Dandy along with two powerful members of the Castalanta family of dragons.

Hollis Dandy

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