Harley Morningstar

A spooky drummer


“Hell is empty. All the Devils are here.”

Harley Morningstar is the drummer for the Dick Nixons, a popular, well liked band whose members all attend Carnamagos High. She has a close relationship with J.J. Ross, the band’s founder and lead singer. Of course, she also has a deep admiration and respect for the other members, Sachamo Luke and Devon Lauer.

Outspoken, forceful and aggressive, Harley usually negotiates the deals and writes many of the songs. Whereas many people see her as arrogant and unlikable, it is due to the fact that she simply takes her music so seriously. To many, her abruptness and cynical approach is a turn off, but she seems to truly care about her closest friends.

Her favorite venue to book is The Groove but she has also had an interest in Club Karma for Teen Nights. She has even discussed trying to do a concert at Cheap Thrills, the property once owned by her relatives in the Morningstar Family. However, there is no way, with its reputation, this would be allowed.

Harley has a good, if not complex, relationship with her other band mates She is often temperamental with a short fuse. But the others have come to expect this and let it go.

As a student, her interest is casual. She feels that she has a real future in music. As a result, she seems to be very dismissive of math and science, focusing her studies on literature, history, art and, of course, music.

She has a strong social media presence and is usually the member of the band who operates their Twitter and Facebook accounts,updating fans on the venues and playing dates. Of course, she also uses these accounts to push her views and agenda which is often strange, left of center and inconsistent.

Harley Morningstar

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