Gunner Holz

Not a bad guy . . .


“I literally have no idea what you are talking about.”

Gunner comes from privilege but despite that, he seems to be a good guy, never flaunting his parents’ wealth or pushing himself on the less fortunate. This, of course, makes him an exception among some of his more well-to-do peers.

However, like most of the kids of privilege, he does fall prey to wanting to be popular and will take most opportunities to do so. He has been known to throw wild parties when his parents are out of town and supply the lowest and highest end of booze.

Gunner is heavily involved with the Drama Club and has appeared as the lead in several plays the school has put on, including Romeo & Juliet, Arsenic and Old Lace and Little Shop of Horrors.

He recently revealed that he has more than just a crush on Molly Sterling. In fact, the two have begun dating, much to the chagrin of Devon Lauer. He agreed to wait and see what happened as Molly decided before a relationship could progress, she needed to break things off with her current boyfriend, Deputy Cody Winters.

Gunner died at the hands of Molly Sterling when she attempted to cast a spell that would give her more room from him as she felt she was being smothered. Whereas the spell she tried was accidental in its lethality, she was wracked with guilt over what had happened to him.

Gunner Holz

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