Giada Broadchurch

She's not who you think


Giada Broadchurch is quiet, shy and usually remains in the back of the room, never raising her hand. For years, throughout grade school and junior high, she was close friends with Betty Swain and the two were inseparable. But people change.

Unlike Betty, Giada slowly began to get out more, tried to move away from her introverted tendencies and hang out with a different crowd. She even started seeing a boy for a few months, Dante Rocha, as she was fascinated by illusions and ventriloquism. But they eventually decided to call it quits. After all, it was not serious to begin with.

Giada then began spending more time with strange books, looking at old paintings and uncovered some interesting old papers about the town – or so she told some of her new friends, such as Sophie Wessel and Piper Stevens. In the meantime, Sophie set Giada up with one of the guys she knew, Simon Parker and the two began dating. However, the relationship between Giada and SImon would be short lived and the friendship between Sophie and Simon would be headed for a tragic end.

The night when Simon was attacked and killed (and later reborn) was a pivotal moment for them. Whereas Giada did not know what happened, initially, she was shocked when Simon confessed to her what he thought he had become. Instead of reacting with sympathy and tenderness, she was revolted. If what Simon said was true, he was some kind of monster, or at the very least, a freak. She stopped seeing him and now reacts with unease whenever he comes around, too afraid to tell anyone what she fears.

Few people know what happened next. Whatever loose collection of papers and thoughts Giada, Piper and Sophie had, they seemed to have it coalesce into something more formalized. The Cult of Vesta was formed.

Giada still cultivates her image as that of a good girl, but she is an active and forceful member of the Cult, likely the one with the most amount of knowledge of the origins. She has no knowledge of exactly what became of her friend, Sophie, nor the role that Simon Parker and Quintin Castle played in it.

Recently, Giada and Piper got wind that Molly Sterling had the ability to contact the spirits of the dead. They used this knowledge to convince Molly to contact Sophie in an effort to convince her to provide them guidance and instructions. However, Molly’s magic went awry and she actually managed to summon Sophie who inhabited the body of Betty Swain, one of Molly’s dearest friends.

Giada Broadchurch

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