Garret Larson

A kid with a rough life


“You have no idea the shit I go through.”

Garret Larson is a running back for Carnamagos High but due to a tragic family situation, he does not have a close relationship with the rest of his teammates. Due to his mother’s cancer, he has to work, which impacts his ability to maintain too many meaningful relationships. His job at Hot Diggity’s Dogs does not pay particularly well but every little bit helps.

Obviously, his family does not come from money and Garret seems a little more than resentful to many of the richer kids who flaunt their parents’ money while he has to work and watch them enjoy their high school lives. To many Garret comes off as a surly jerk and a bad jock as he is hard to get to know.

However, Garret does have one up-side in his life. A few months ago, he hit it off with Emma Lee Bailey at The Groove and they made out in the back, unseen by anyone. Emma Lee was so taken by him, that they have made hooking up, a regular part of their week, but kept it quiet, since Emma Lee is seeing Drake Straker.

The night of Sasha Carter’s yacht party, Garret attended in an effort to get closer to spend some time with Emma Lee. However, when Molly Sterling cast a spell to expel a demon from Simon Parker, Emma Lee discovered that the demon immediately inhabited Garret’s body. The possession, however, did not last long. Simon Parker and Molly Sterling managed to create a spell that expelled the demon from Garret, but where the entity went this time is unknown.

Garret Larson

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