Fr. Rudolf Fuentez

A mysterious man of the cloth


“Evil is only where we allow it to thrive.”

The enigmatic Fr. Fuentez is a Catholic priest in San Luis Obispo even though he does not seem to have a parish or a church he is associated with. He keeps to himself and has been in the area for over a decade, spending a great deal of time at various parishes, digging through their records. From his activities, it seems as if he is conducting research into some unknown subject. Then he disappears for weeks at a time, not discussing his activities with anyone at all.

Emma Lee Raines is convinced Fr. Fuentez is the most awful person in town. Admittedly, her evidence is less than scant, as she has concocted a story in her head that he has something to do with her mother’s death. She spotted him with her mother shortly before she turned up dead and has become increasingly convinced he was directly related to her death.

Recently, Fr. Fuentez showed up to counsel Simon Parker, who was going through a difficult period following the disappearance and death of Lana Jones.

However, things did not turn out well for the priest. Shortly after meeting with Simon for a second time, Simon then explained to Emma Lee Raines the danger the priest claimed that she posed. It was then that Minerva Mink declared that the priest was a danger and she murdered him in a fire, getting rid of his meddlesome nature.

Fr. Rudolf Fuentez

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