Evan Parker

A true BFF


“That was uncool, man. Really uncool.”

Evan Parker is the brother of Simon Parker and the best friend of Molly Sterling, a girl with whom he has been close ever since the two were young. When they were children, they spent time together, and as they got older, they found that their relationship was close, transcending anything that was hindered by mere romantic entanglements. Their closeness is symbolized with half of a locket each one wears, embossed with the letters ‘BFF.’ Molly’s idea for something they could both wear so they would always remember each other. Of course, Evan is one of the few people who know about Molly’s relationship with the dark arts.

Evan is quiet and reserved but this is a reflection of his introspective nature and maturity more so than shyness, even though it can be interpreted as such. He is often found either with Molly (and the tagalong, Betty Swain) or talking to his brother about upcoming science fiction conventions or the latest Xbox game.

When Molly started dating Anthony Malone, Even kept quiet, thinking that the relationship was bound for disaster but chose not to say anything. When the relationship finally came to a screeching halt and the mess that unfolded, Evan was there for Molly but was a casualty in Anthony’s revenge schemes. Evan was savagely beaten by Anthony, who didn’t believe that the two of them were ‘just friends.’ The attack on Evan was essentially the last straw for Molly. She has not spoken a word to him since.

Still, despite this, Evan has remained a steadfast friend, always there for her when she needed someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on or any kind of advice, and she has done the same for him.

Evan remains close to his brother, but it is clear that he considers Molly family, perhaps like a sister. He confides in her everything, especially the insecurities he feels about his father, Amos Parker, whom he has realized is a flawed man – a failure but a man increasingly caught up in the world of sleazy pornography.

Evan Parker

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