Dick "The Franchise" Patch

The star running back


“Kick his ass, C-Monster!”

Dick is every bit the obnoxious, bullying, misogynistic jerk that he is first seen to be. His talent on the football field, combined with his good looks, have gotten him what he has wanted in life, however. His best friend (and crony), Cedric “C-Monster” Waters, is never too far away.

Never one to miss a party, Dick sees all the girls as prey and boasts almost as many ‘hook ups’ as C-Monster, as the two seem to be having a running competition on the subject. It is rumored that they have or have access to roofies.

Dick is extremely proud of the fact that he is well endowed and it takes very little for him to prove it. Reportedly, he walks around the boys’ locker room with no clothes, prompting Jeremy Lokota to comment that he is ‘clearly looking for strange.’

Dick "The Franchise" Patch

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