Dean de la Vega

A doomed surfer, later found


“The waves are a hash mistress, dude.”

Dean really had one passion in life – surfing. Whereas he rejected the traditional surfer lifestyle and look, he was considered one of the better surfers at Carnamagos High and had lobbied, unsuccessfully, for a surf team. (The school district’s lawyers simply hated the idea.)

Nobody knows how he got mixed up with Solomon Kane and his Dia De Los Muertos Gang, but he somehow became a junior member of the gang, the dreaded ‘13th Member’ which was the lowest on the rung.

Dean was a fairly aloof individual but he did show some romantic overtures towards Lilith Marid as well as Molly Sterling at one point but their lives were clearly too complex for him to keep up with and did not like the growing drama he saw.

Dean simply disappeared over the summer. On a dare during one of Matt Straker’s beach parties, he went out for an ill-advised night surfing experience with some friends. Whereas the waves were not particularly wild or crushing that night, he was simply never seen again, despite a week long effort by the coast guard as well as search and rescue teams to find him.

Miraculously, Dean was later found, in the most unlikely of circumstances. While on a yacht party, aboard the Rascal in the Pacific Ocean, Dean came aboard the boat, after several months of being lost at sea. Other than being covered in seaweed, Dean seemed fine, if not somewhat disoriented. The story, fascinating and strange by most, is the center of media attention in the town.

Dean de la Vega

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