David 'Davey' Jones

A kid who has made some bad decisions


I’ve never forgotten how you treated me

David (or ‘Davey’ as he has been known to most of his classmates) was always a ‘tagalong.’ Nobody ever thought to hang out with him as he was just never all that interesting by most standards. He would always just show up and tag along with whatever group he wanted to hang out with. Eventually he developed a reputation as annoying and began getting teased by his peers for not having any original thoughts of his own.

It is not exactly clear how he became mixed up with Solomon Kane and the Dia De Los Muertos Gang but it seems that recently, Davey has found himself as the notorious ‘13th member’ of the gang, engaging in some of the smaller, more petty schemes that Kane needs done, including starting to introduce unusual recreational drugs at the school as well as some of the popular hangouts. He now spends his time in the back of the classroom, giving uncomfortable stares to all those who he feels wronged him.

Davey Jones was the victim of an unfortunate an unexpected ‘wild animal’ attack that left Carnamagos High stunned. San Luis Obispo County Animal Control has vowed to step up their efforts on policing strays and other dangerous animals.

Davey, as it turned out, was a puppet of Mahala Kindt, her using her powers to bring him back to life. However, some unknown force killed him again, at Mahala’s house, hacking him to bits with an axe.

David 'Davey' Jones

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