Dante Rocha

An entertainer


“Just because a guy’s into puppets and magic, you think he can’t start some shit? And don’t call them ‘tricks.’ Tricks are what whores do for money”

Dante Rocha has always been strange and eccentric, yet with the recent revolution in so-called geek culture, his stock rose over the past few years (after all, someone who has actually read Game of Thrones can explain the TV show to all his friends). His fascination revolves around the usual geek culture things – comics, role playing games, World of Warcraft, etc., but his true passion remains ventriloquism and stage magic. Even as a child, he would entertain neighborhood children with his performances in the basement, wearing an oversized cape and top hat.

Last summer, Dante was away, studying at the International Magician’s Institute, a rigorous program designed to teach young people stage magic, illusions and help them with showmanship. Whereas Dante was extremely interested in the stage magic, he was far more interested in the puppetry and ventriloquism. He returned with Mr. Mumbles, his high end dummy that he practices is routine with.

Somehow, against all conventional wisdom or odds, Mahala Kindt took an interest in him, romantically. They began seeing each other, which quickly became his ticket into the ‘cool kids’ tables and the invite to parties. He climbed to the top of the social circles. However, this exposure allows the popular students to find he was clever, funny and very talented – after all, who does not like to be entertained by illusions?

Dante can be seen roaming the halls of Carnamagos High performing a variety of illusions and wondrous acts that entertain his classmates. After school, when he is not perfecting his act, he can Mr. Mumbles are at Mahala’s Kindt’s house, spending quality time together. When asked what she sees in Dante, Mahala always responds with, ’he’s cute and he entertains me.’

Dante shares Mahala’s apprehension towards Major Kindt, her brother, as Dante does not seem to want to be around him enough to cross him, after all, Major’s reputation is that of a dangerous and irritable individual.

If asked nicely at a party, Dante will always perform something from his act, a profession he hopes to enter when he graduates.

He gets very touchy when his ‘illusions’ are referred to as ‘tricks.’

Dante Rocha

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