Conrad Wilton

A trusted security man


“Never, ever admit to anything until I get there. Call ME before your lawyer.”

Conrad Wilton had has an illustrious career in law enforcement. Having been a detective with the San Luis Obispo police department for 10 years, then working briefly as a private investigator, he eventually came to the attention of Victor Sterling, who needed a security man/bodyguard to look after things in San Luis Obispo. After all, a man in Victor’s position needed to ensure that his two daughters were safe and that they kept out of trouble. It was Conrad that brought Melody Sterling back from the brink when she struggled with addiction issues.

Conrad and Victor are close friends, but much to the chagrin of Molly Sterling, she sees him as part friend and part tattletale as he likely tells Victor anything and everything that Molly and her friends are up to.

Much to his shame, he is the uncle of Noah, Wilton, a small time drug dealer in San Luis Obispo.

Conrad Wilton

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