Colton Wolfe

Big, strong and silent


“Whatever you guys need, I’m there.”

Colton Wolfe is the perfect boyfriend, at least for someone who is supernatural. He is big, silent, good looking and doesn’t ask too many questions.

Currently, he is seeing Lilith Marid, acting as something of a cover for her. He is as honest and as up front as anyone could be, spending most of his time working on his role as the Carnamagos High quarterback. When he isn’t in serious training, he is hanging out with his buddies or spending time with his girlfriend, Lilith. Fortunately for her (and probably him) he is not overly nosy.

Recently, Colton realized his relationship with Lilith was not as solid as he once thought. After stunning him with a break-up, she did take him back, but only after making him promise that he would be welcoming in the return of Elsa Girard and prevent his friends, C-Monster and The Franchise from harassing the transgender girl.

However, it was not to last. Lilith, on Halloween, decided enough was enough and showed Colton the proverbial door.

Colton Wolfe

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