Coach Tabitha Brachen

She wants results


“Do not try my patience today.”

Tabitha Brachen has been the cheering squad coach and the volleyball coach at Carnamagos High for the past two weeks, as well as acting as the gym instructor and teaching algebra and pre-calculus.

Coach Brachen brokers no foolishness and her stern demeanor puts the fear of God into most students. However, there are certain students that she is ‘on to’ and targets her wrath upon, specifically anyone she suspects of bringing drugs into the school, meaning that Major Kindt and Noach Wilton. She has yet to prove anything on either of them but savors the day when she can. Perhaps as a new member of the faculty, she is merely preparing her case.

In her role as volleyball coach and cheering squad coach, she exerts a great deal of influence over her squads and puts them through rigorous after school sessions, with her goal being to take state championships with the cheering squad. Coach Brachen fears that with the likes of Arlana Marshall, Sasha Carter and Lilith Marid, this dream may not come true.

Recently, she introduced Crossfit to the regimen which resulted in both Arlana and Sasha quitting after one day.

Coach Tabitha Brachen

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