Cedric "C-Monster" Waters

A piece of work


“Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?!”

Cedric “C-Monster” Waters, is the obnoxious, bullying partner in crime to Dick “The Franchise” Patch. Cedric is the center on the Carnamagos High football team, delivering the ball to Colton Wolfe every play. C-Monster is definitely the more aggressive of the two and is usually the first one to threaten or actually take a swing at someone for disrespecting him.

C-Monster and The Franchise seem to have a running contest as to who can engage in the most ‘hook ups,’ and C-Monster seems to be in the lead.

However, C-Monster’s talent can’t be overlooked as both he and The Franchise have been scouted by representatives of several colleges. Therefore, their parents’ have been doing whatever they can to encourage the two to not blow their chances on getting in unnecessary trouble.

Cedric "C-Monster" Waters

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