Bryston Raines

A studio executive


“With that kind of budget, you’ll get explosions, bikinis and spaceships.”

Bryston Raines is the Senior VP of Marketing at Tri-Stone Pictures, answering directly to Victor Sterling. Bryston is easily excited and works to make Tri-Stone Pictures a premier name in summer blockbuster entertainment. He wants audiences living in fear of NOT seeing the latest film by the studio. Bryston is extremely enthusiastic when he talks about some of the major films Tri-Stone has on the horizon.

Bryston’s wife, Elaine, passed away five years ago, leaving him with only his daughter, Emma Lee, a challenge he was happy to accept but something he was ill prepared for. He quickly found a new woman in his life, Vicky, who he married in an ill-advised attempt to bring some kind of maternal figure into his life. But that marriage recently ended and ended poorly when Bryston suspected Vicky of cheating on him. This turned into a scandal when Vicky told anyone who would listen that Bryston abused her, something that Emma Lee saw absolutely no evidence regarding. However, the allegation was so serious that Bryston spent a night in jail.

Victor Sterling, displeased with the negative publicity this brought the studio, put Bryston on leave for a few weeks while the matter sorted itself out. Whereas Bryston is back in Victor’s good graces, the animosity he and Emma Lee feel towards Vicky, now Bryston’s ex-wife, is understandable.

Bryston Raines

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