Bianca Walsh

The scary one


“The best way to keep a secret is if everyone else is dead.”

Bianca Walsh is one of Major Kindt’s Sisters, a small group of girls who all hang out together and have the common interest of Major’s unusual charisma. Blair, along with Rita James and Rosalia Spahn, not only protect and comfort Major but also enforce whatever he wants.

Bianca’s morbid and dark nature gives rise to a sense of humor that is often dark, to say the very least. Her hipster Misfits backback, her Addams Family lunchbox and her headless doll she carries around really seems to complete the look she is trying to promote. That said, it is unusual that she does not hang around with the other ‘Goth’ kids and is considered something of an outcast, even among them, likely for her interest in hanging around Major, who seems too mainstream for their tastes.

Quintin Castle was an unlikely ally for Major when he recently thwarted an attack on him. Major’s main rival Noah Wilton, waited until a time when the sisters were separated from Major and ambushed him outside the Quick Stop for a beating. As the situation turned dire, Quintin swooped in and beat back Major’s attackers while he lay unconscious. Molly Sterling called for an ambulance and they fled the scene. Later, the Sister’s took credit for the save, telling Major that they arrived just in time. After hearing this, Quintin approached Bianca and told her that he knew what really happened at the Quick Stop Incident. When Bianca tried to tell Quintin that he was full of shit, he produced the surveillance video from the the store. Quintin let Bianca know that she owned him a favor and he would come calling soon…

Bianca Walsh

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