Betty Swain

Once a sheltered girl


“That sounds like fun. Maybe too much fun. For me.”

Betty Swain is shy, sheltered and bookish, not prone to excitement or risks. Fortunately – or unfortunately – for her, her good friend Molly Sterling is more than willing to introduce her to a variety of exciting and enticing things. In fact, Molly had told Betty, flat out, that corrupting her is one of her new life goals.

Betty’s parents recently went through a divorce and she lives with her mother, whereas her older sister, Hillary Swain, lives with their father, across town.

Betty can often be found with Molly as well as Molly’s ‘BFF,’ Evan Parker. Whereas Betty seems to find ‘doing homework’ a fun way to pass time, Evan and Molly certainly do not.

Molly has, however, heard one too many confessions from Betty on how she would love to make out with Dante Rocha, the guy she finds the ‘sexiest guy in school.’

Recently, however, when Molly attempted to contact the spirit of Sophie Wessel, at the urging of Piper Stevens and Giada Broadchurch, the spell went amiss and Molly later determined that the spirit of Sophie inhabited Betty. Sophie, as Betty, changed her look and vowed vengeance on Simon Parker and Quintin Castle, the two who led to her death. It is presumed that as Betty she had taken over the Cult of Vesta.

Betty Swain

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