Astrid Dandy

Mysterious and exotic


“Don’t ask me about that. You don’t want to know the answer.”

Astrid Dandy is the niece of Hollis Dandy, the CEO of the Dandy Cakes Company. Astrid came to the United States from Haiti in 2010, after the earthquakes that rocked the nation as her uncle wanted to provide something better for her. She quickly adapted to the new way of life in the United States.

Astrid has always been friendly, but quiet; intelligent but distant; kind but detached. She seems to move away from friends just as close bonds are forming. It is as if she suddenly decides to abandon the current crop of friends she has made and start over with these relationships on a new set.

She is extremely weary of bringing people to her house, almost as if she is afraid of something, prompting rumors to start about her eerie uncle and what he must have buried there. However, she speaks more of her grandmother, Mirlande Dandy than he uncle.

Astrid Dandy

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