Anthony Malone

A dangerous ex


“Don’t leave me. You don’t want to see what happens.”

Anthony Malone is the ex boyfriend of Molly Sterling. Whereas their relationship started out like any normal relationship, things slowly began to deteriorate, with Molly unable to see some of the cracks, until they became full holes in Anthony’s stability as he degenerated into jealous rage.

Others had always noticed that Anthony would say and do things that seemed strange, and in some cases, unhealthy, with regards to Molly. But when Molly finally convinced herself that Anthony was more trouble than he was worth and wanted to put the relationship on hold, he reacted in a way that made her fear for her life. He became violent and almost threatening, but just short of destructive.

In an effort to win Molly back, he went to an unlikely place. Unsure of exactly what he was dealing with, he approached Lilith Marid who he had a sense was something more or something unique. Whether he fell under a spell or just had a sense of what she was, is unclear but he asked her for one of her gifts. She provided him a gift of wealth which he then, in turn, used to shower Molly with gifts and have her give him a second look, going back with him. But even then, things began to break down again as Anthony should have asked for the gift of patience as his anger and unstable actions made Molly rethink her stance.

During their next ‘talk’ Molly had decided enough was enough and figured that there were better people with whom she could be in a relationship. In a jealous rage, Anthony had a meltdown and as part of his poor reaction, physically assaulted Evan Parker, Molly’s ’best friend. Whatever feelings she had for Anthony or whatever hope the relationship may have had was shattered in that moment.

All of this was compounded by the fact that Molly soon discovered that at some point Anthony had put a GPS tracker under her car, so he could follow her movements. What went from being a desire to move on from a bad ex, turned into retaining fear and unease regarding him.

Before things could escalate beyond Molly’s control, she turned to someone – Piper Stevens – who she knew had some measure of influence, especially with a clique of girls who some felt were involved in some kind of sororitas cult, the Cult of Vesta. Piper, in exchange for perhaps future favors, worked some kind of magic of hers to ensure Anthony left Molly alone – at least for the time being.

Several months later, Anthony was involved in an altercation with Molly yet again. In an incident near Diamond Cove, Anthony attacked Molly, and Molly responded with a use of arcane force which seemed to summon some kind of water creature that seized Anthony, dragging him into the ocean, presumably killing him. The investigation that followed was one that presumed he had attacked her and run off, with only Molly knowing for certain he was dead.

However, some time later, while on a date with Gunner Holz, Molly was attacked again by Anthony who seemed very much alive. However, before he could cause any real damage, he was chased off by individuals in the movie theater parking lot where she waited.

Anthony, as it turned out, was a puppet of Mahala Kindt, her using her powers to bring him back to life. However, some unknown force killed him again, at Mahala’s house, hacking him to bits with an axe.

Anthony Malone

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