Angelica Sterling

A guidance counselor who cares . . . about some students


“Oh, honey, so you don’t want to take algebra? Let me see what I can do . . .”

Angelica Sterling is the first wife of Victor Sterling, as well as the mother of Molly and Melody Sterling. In addition, she spends her spare time at Carnamagos High as one of the staff guidance counselors. As to why a millionaire divorcee wishes to spend time at a school around teenagers, there are stories but it is almost certain that she wants to spend time with a specific number of students. It could be that she wants to be around her daughter, Molly, or it could be that she wants to spend time around Major Kindt, a boy who she reputedly slept with, leading to the ruination of her marriage.

Angelica is, in many ways, a spoiled rich woman, but in other ways she does seem to enjoy her job. Of course, she is listed as ‘part time’ at the school as she does still enjoy going to the spa, taking lavish trips and conducting exclusive shopping trips in L.A. There is something noticeable, however as her BMW certainly sticks out in the faculty parking lot.

Since her daughter, Molly, splits her time between her father’s lavish home and her mothers’ high end, Diamond Avenue apartment, Angelica has a lot of spare time on her hands. Angelica is hardly a disciplinarian for her daughter, essentially letting her do as she wishes, but doing her best to instill values in her daughter that promote good taste, high fashion, and a taste for fine arts.

Whether or not Angelica still has an eye for Major (or anyone else) is unclear.

Angelica Sterling

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