Amos Parker

A dubious agent


“Look, I think the film, Buckets of Love will be a good career move for you.”

Amos Parker, the father of Simon Parker and Evan Parker, is a man who can’t really understand how he came to where he is. He made the right decisions, conducted the right dealings but still he managed to come to a place he never thought he would be.

Starting out as a Hollywood agent in is youth, he met and married Lenora Sconza, a woman who came from the prominent Sconza Family, the same family who owned the Sconza Candy Company. It was not long before his growing career had numerous good clients, including Bill Shatner, Charo and Walter Matthau. Then he and his wife had two healthy young boys, Simon and Evan.

Then, seemingly, through no fault of his own, his clients moved on to better agents and he began to see his representation tumble. From there he was trapped in relationships with Burt Ward, Tom Green, and Phoebe Cates, unable to escape. Once these D-listers became his clients, Lenora’s family pressured her to leave and do something better with her life. In a stunning turn of events, she not only left him and her two sons, but it took less than a day for her to come to this decision, leaving him to raise the boys alone.

From there, Amos was forced into even more dehumanizing clients, namely, bad adult film stars who could not even pull in decent paychecks. But, like everything else in the adult entertainment industry, volume pays, so Amos has taken on a stunning number of clients. But this is not what he wanted. It is not the environment he wanted for his kids and he truly hates talking about his job. His love and devotion for his sons is what motivates him to try and do better and give them a less sordid and sleazy life.

Amos Parker

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