Alexandra Kent

A boy-crazy drummer


“Guys, are you ready to rock?!?”

Alexandra Kent, as the drummer for the popular student band, Sister Sadness, has done everything she can to adopt the persona of a hardcore rocker. Her antics on stage range from the theatrical to the bizarre, as she makes a spectacle of herself, almost always dragging attention away from the band and directly on herself. This has been an area of stress between she and Georgia Campbell, the lead singer and frontwoman of the band. Georgia thinks Alexandra does not take the band seriously and Alexandra thinks Georgia is a snob. If any rumors persist about the band it is that these two are constantly on the edge of a meltdown, destroying the band. Naturally, other rumors persist that Alexandra is just in it to go through as many guys as she can, as it catapults her to fame and stardom as a drummer for a band once she graduates. The other members of the band, Tricia Rhodes and Wendy Cho, do their best to stay out of it.

Alexandra Kent

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