Alexa Tremane

Crazy, jealous and possibly insane


“The only other girl he will ever be allowed to love will be our daughter.”

Alexa Tremane has only lived in San Luis Obispo for a couple of years, moving to the community when her father took a new job, leaving Flagstaff, Arizona.

It did not take long for her to make new friends, some of them good and some of them not good at all. She quickly fell in with Quintin Castle and began a torrid relationship. There were those who said she was ‘clingy’ but nobody thought much of it.

But then she became associated with Noah Wilton and his recreational drugs. And from there she unfortunately got involved with Major Kindt and his more hardcore drugs, moving from recreational to serious use. Major got her hooked on some very bad things and she fell in with a bad crowd – namely his collection of oddballs and miscreants.

As things became more and more vicious and insane with Alexa, Quintin did everything he could to refrain from doing something he would regret with regards to Alexa. So he took advice from friends and took the simplest approach: he broke up with her. This sent her into hysterics and that is when the true ‘crazy ex’ aspect came out. She trashed his car, started rumors, and even attacked a girl that was just talking to him. And then when the disastrous Miranda Kelly Sex Video came out, she first tried to claim it was her in the video and when that fell apart, she vowed to kill Miranda Kelly.

She started sending huge bouquets of flowers to herself at school but having the cards signed with Quintin’s name. She then sent him a voicemail of her having sex with someone else. She then kidnapped the family dog, Oliver, and had him euthanized. When those actions did not get the result she wanted, she then sent Quintin a video of herself in underwear. Waved at the camera, took a blade to her wrist, wiped the blood into her fingers and waved goodbye. This was all so disturbing, considering that she usually managed to look so normal and well adjusted.

Eventually, this drug-fueled insanity came to an end when Quintin had enough. He went to Emma Lee Raines and cajoled her into using the dark arts that he suspected she possessed. Begging her to do something about Alexa, Emma Lee complied and used her influence with Carnamagos to bring Alexa to heel. When Emma Lee used her powers, Alex suddenly was off drugs, and out of Major’s orbit but still remained jealous and nasty when it came to Quint and any female near him. (there is only so much even Carnamagos can do).

But as of yet no videos were posted, no dogs have been harmed and certainly no voice mails of sexual encounters have been reported. But when Emma Lee wanted payment for her services, Quintin refused, prompting the two to not be on speaking terms, presently.

For now, Alexa waits, figuring that her opportunity would arise to get back with Quintin or get her revenge on him. It seems she is not quite clear. herself. Currently, she enjoys frequenting Club Karma on Friday nights.

Alexa Tremane

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