The Doom that Came to SLO-Town

Episode 23: Don't Look at that Face!

Mid March

Devon Lauer, who was still living with Emma Lee Raines (in secrecy) was digging through the strange possessions once owned by Emma Lee’s mother, hoping to find some clues or some connections between her mother and his father, Tony Lauer. Whereas he did find some documents that suggested that the two had been very close (just how close was unclear), there was nothing of grave importance, like weapons or spells or anything that could be further help against the powers of Carnamagos. But just as he was ready to give up, there was a tapping at the window – the third floor window.

Looking up, Devon saw Yasmine Castalanta floating in the air, smiling. Devon, knowing that this girl was nothing but bad news, left the room, getting out of visual contact with her but did not avoid the phone call she placed. Yasmine told him to let her in as they needed to talk. He wondered what she wanted to talk to him about she responded with an explanation that she needed his help and that she saw something in him that was different than what the other ‘degenerates’ lacked – a true and powerful bloodline. She suggested that she could help him in more ways than one. Against his better judgment, he opened the window and let her in. It was then that Yasmine seduced him and the two engaged in a dirty passion right there on the floor of Emma Lee’s house.

As Molly Sterling entered the home of Mahala KIndt, she immediately knew something was amiss. There seemed to be signs of a struggle. It was then that she approached the back patio and pool and found a scene of carnage. What she saw was Mahala by the pool covered in blood, holding an axe. Around here were the hacked bodies of Lizzy Ashbury, Tony Malone and Davey Jones, all her servants and puppets. As Mahala tried to explain this was not her doing, Molly managed to take control of the situation. At first, Molly did not believe a word Mahala was saying and then quickly used the situation to leverage control over Mahala. It was at this point that Molly told Mahala, in no uncertain terms, that she wanted to no longer be an apprentice, but she wanted to be a full partner in the world of the arcane arts. Mahala readily agreed, stating that was her intent all along as she wanted Molly to be a part of her world and wanted to explore the power at their disposal for years to come. Molly then provided some instructions to Mahala on how to clean the mess up and then told her she was going to gain allies in their final war against Carnamagos.

Emma Lee knew where she could find Minerva Mink, the dread servant of Carnamagos. She went to Club Karma with the full intent of confronting the demon-girl and telling her to back off everyone she cared about. But things spiraled out of control very quickly as Minerva lost her cool, let whatever passed for a temper get the better of her and attacked Emma Lee. But before long Simon Parker and Lilith Marid appeared to help Emma Lee deal with the situation. However, as Minerva became enraged at being ganged up on, she suddenly rose through the air and began using hellfire to incinerate everyone around her. Tragically, as the altercation took place and chaos and fire exploded from every corner of the building, one victim in particular would prove to have dire and tragic consequences – Melody Sterling, Molly’s sister.

Back at Emma Lee’s house, Yasmine and Devon, both spent from their passionate encounter, turned to one another. Yasmine stated that she wanted him to help her kill some of the others, specifically Lilith, who had become more trouble than she was worth. After all, her antics had led to her cousin, Raphael Castalanta, almost being killed. But Yasmine wanted more than a a simple agreement. She wanted a promise. And Devon wanted a sign of good faith. Yasmine seemed to suggest that if he was playing her, he would regret it, but came through with her side of the bargain – she stated that his family was hiding out in a place called the ‘Fae Forest.’ This was what Devon needed as a start to finding out where his family was. With that, Yasmine left, as there was more to do, apparently. As events would unfold, it would prove to be a busy night, indeed. Unfortunately for Devon, there was no way to know that Yasmine had cast a spell on him, allowing her to scry upon him as she wished.

As Simon, Emma Lee and Lilith tried to save as many as they could, they did manage to deliver some nasty blows to Minerva, either killing her or forcing her back to the netherworld. However, the group took some nasty damage of their own and quickly had to escape before answering questions to the police and EMTs that would surely come. Worse, they had to somehow find a way to break the news to Molly what had happened. They quickly went to Molly’s house, after calling Devon to meet them there as they knew this would be a rough evening, emotionally.

Molly had just arrived home, trying to determine what angle she would take in approaching her friends in forging a plan than would suit her own needs as well as those of Mahala’s. However, she was woefully unprepared for the news her friends delivered. Minerva had gone insane at Club Karma and killed several people before burning the place to the ground and unfortunately Melody had been one of her victims. To say that Molly reacted poorly was an understatement. Lashing out at those around her and allowing the darkness inside of her to consume her, she attacked Emma Lee, withering her to appear that of a 70 year old woman, perverting the common catch phrase of Emma Lee, “Don’t look at that face!” When Devon tried to interfere, physically, she bound him in curtains, preventing him from moving at all. It was up to Lilith and Simon to do something. Simon did what came naturally to him and began to comfort Molly who had gone into a fetal position, allowing her to cry into him, unleashing her frustration and anger in, at least, a non-dangerous way. Lilith knew the danger had only temporarily subsided. There was no telling when Molly would snap again.

As Molly’s fury subsided, she did manage to reverse the spell she had placed on Emma Lee, as well as released Devon from his binding. However, Simon knew she was still on edge and Lilith suggested she take a relaxing bath. Of course, without anyone else noticing, she also enhanced her experience with a bottle of vodka she had hidden under the counter. It was at that point that the group decided to call Mahala and tell her what had happened. Mahala stated she would be over shortly. Meanwhile, Lilith did what she could to alter her appearance with her own magic in order to talk to the police who had come to deliver the bad news. Lilith, as Molly, agreed to contact Victor Sterling to tell him the bad news as well.

At this point Devon made it clear he had enough of playing defensively with these forces. He asked Emma Lee what could be done. Emma Lee made it clear she would do what it took to end the evil that had been plaguing them, but wanted to do what she could to spare Raphael, who she felt was not really a part of the deviousness and evil of the Castalanta family. Emma Lee reveals she has something that would help – a gift from Carnamagos, a stone disk that when placed in the home of the Castalantas would kill them all. As Devon grew more intrigued, he also positioned himself to try and make some kind of move on Emma Lee, but he was interrupted as he detected an evil presence that was hanging over him – whatever this presence was knew every word he was saying and every move he was making. It was from here out that he tried to slyly communicate via notes. But in the back of his mind he knew who was behind this – Yasmine.

Mahala arrived, along with her servant, Gunner Holz, as she felt a familiar face may help the situation. Lilith balked at the idea of Mahala talking to Molly in the bathroom alone but eventually relented. Mahala instantly knew Molly was drunk and was livid that the others allowed this to happen. But she calmed herself and gently suggested to Molly there was some hope. Mahala could use a spell to bring Melody back to life. It was when Mahala informed of her the ‘catch’ that someone else had to die, that Molly became enraged. Whether it was the alcohol, the indignity of the situation or the pressures that had been mounting, Molly cast a hex on her partner and had her thrown out of the bathroom. At this point Mahala realized there was not much she could do tonight with regards to Molly, blaming the alcohol on her poor decision making, suggesting the others were to blame to allow things to go this far.

Before she left, the others demanding to know what they could do about the threat of Carnamagos. Mahala stated that there were very few options at their disposal. They balked at the notion that Mahala, a powerful witch, had no way of doing anything even with the Tome of Destiny that risked so much to obtain. Mahala stated that they collectively had little power or influence over the dark god and said they could speak more in the morning. However, she asked Emma Lee to walk her out to her car to suggest one dark possibility,

On the way out to her car, Mahala explained to Emma Lee that there was a ritual in the Tome of Destiny that would allow them a shortcut of sorts. However, the shortcut, to get power over Carnamagos to defeat him, would involve human sacrifice (a really, really common theme with Mahala, it seemed). Disgusted, Emma Lee demanded to know if there were any other options. Mahala told her that it was the long way, which would be dangerous, or the short way which would be filled with moral black and grey areas. It was for her and her friends to decide.

As Emma Lee explained to the others what Mahala had said, they were turned off by the possibilities, but nobody flat out said, ‘no.’ In a stroke of brilliance, Emma Lee thought that perhaps the disk given to her by Carnamagos would be the answer as an entire house full of dragons might be able to fuel the spell they needed. However, Devon reminded her that they were being spied on, likely by Yasmine. Tragically, they realized the very person that they needed to hide the plan from now likely knew. Emma Lee confirmed it when she had a vision of Yasmine spying on them from a distance. She knew the curse that she had placed on Devon was during their sexual encounter and the only way to break it was for them to engage in sexual congress yet again.

Lilith called Mahala to see if she could help get the disk but either because she was overly cautious or a coward at heart, she explained it was too dangerous for her as the Castalantas would find her if she was involved, since Devon was foolish enough to get himself scried upon.

The group, panicking, packed up Molly and loaded her into the car. Devon was the only one to make his way by foot, knowing her could get there just as fast. But on the way over, they were seized with yet another obstacle. Simon was targeted with a spell that prevented him from moving. Since he was the driver, he locked up and whereas Lilith thought quickly and tried to take control of the vehicle, it was inevitable that the car wrecked, hurting everyone. Molly, shaken out of her drunken stupor, used her magic to determine what had happened. She knew that Hollis Dandy was responsible for this, likely working with the Castalantas and likely seeking reprisals for the theft of his book.

Bruised, battered and drained of most of their strength, the group made their way to Emma Lee’s house to secure the item. But waiting on their front lawn were two members of the Castalanta family as well as Hollis Dandy. The group simply demanded the disk or they would kill everyone. Emma Lee, however, had a plan. She agreed to give it to them but since she knew there was no way she would get to use the disk for its intended purpose, she decided to use it to target the enemies on her lawn, suspecting it would send a powerful message that Ferdinand Castalanta, himself, would read loud and clear. Before her enemies knew what happened, Emma Lee brandished the disk and vaporized them instantly, but it caused the disk to crumble, its one use gone.

Whatever ambiguities existed before, it was clear now. It would be war with the Castalantas.


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