The Doom that Came to SLO-Town

Episode 21: A Can of Wyrms

Late January

It was finally time. Lilith Marid had finally gotten Sharon Lake to tell her what she knew about Lilith’s father. Sharon admitted that she did not know a great deal but the man who was most likely her father was an individual named Aslam Khan, an exotic foreigner who had a wild and passionate relationship with Sabrina Marid all those years ago. They met when Sabrina had just opened her original arty gallery and came after a long string of unusual and failed relationships. Sharon explained that the two spent a lot of time together but something happened that sent him away. Sharon theorized that perhaps the revelation that Sabrina was pregnant was what drove him away but after he was gone, Sabrina never really spoke about him and over the months found that Sabrina seemed to completely forget about him, focusing on other things. Sharon did, however, collect what few things she did know about him and placed the information in a safe deposit box, giving Lilith the key if she was interested in looking.

Meanwhile, across town, Emma Lee Raines arrived at the home of Mahala Kindt, after having been invited. Mahala, enjoying drinks and refreshments at the pool, serviced by several of her wards, including Gunner Holz, Lizzy Ashbury and Sage Castle, welcomed Emma Lee as a a dear friend. Mahala explained that there were few people who she trusted and she wanted to thank Emma Lee for her help against the Castalanta family as well as Carnamagos. In return, she had something very special for her. She handed over a small container of lipstick, which, as Mahala explained would help with her current problems. She stated that the lipstick, if used on Raphael Castalanta, would rekindle all the lost feelings he had for her and send him back into her arms. However, she also warned that it would have to be used soon as the magic would certainly fade in time. Hesitant, Emma Lee took the lipstick, unsure whether she would use it or not.

The following day at Carnamagos High as Lilith and Raphael were enjoying time together in each others’ company. Once Simon Parker and Emma Lee arrived, Lilith waited for Raphael to leave and she told them about what Sharon had told her about the mysterious Aslam Khan. Simon suggested seeing what could be found at The Library as the strange tomes there always seemed to have the answers that were needed. Further, the group decided that if they were to find and uncover the Tome of Destiny, they had a small window of opportunity to take it before it fell into the hands of Hollis Dandy, at which point it would be much harder to get hold of.

Slyly, the group approached Astrid Dandy, live-in niece of Hollis Dandy, who was attempting to find cigarettes for Marisol Garza. They positioned their questions cleverly, trying to discover whether Astrid would allow them to have a party at her uncle’s house. Astrid seemed cold to the idea, stating that her uncle and grandmother were usually hesitant of having strangers in their home, especially unruly teenagers. Besides, as Astrid pointed out, she thought that her grandmother could have some kind of strange voodoo powers. But the conversation fizzled when sparks flew between Marisol and Emma Lee and Simon’s patience got the better of him as he had tart words for Emma Lee, as well.

After school Simon and Lilith went to The Library to see what they could discover about Aslam Khan, but Lilith was not as effective as she thought she should have been, making the trip a wash. They decided to cut out of school the following day after Arden Rice’s funeral and come back but Simon would take over the research duties. Meanwhile Emma Lee took Lacy Cartwright’s homework to her since the girl had missed a few days of school grieving the loss of her boyfriend, Arden. While there, things were awkward to say the least, as Emma Lee spoke to her friend who seemed increasingly despondent. Little did she know, Lacy’s older sister, Bree Cartwright was listening in to the whole conversation.

On the way back from The Library, Lilith felt something strange attempt to overtake her. A sinister power was trying to compel her to suddenly attack Simon but she fought it back. She suddenly realized it was the Cult of Vesta led by Sophie Wessel (Betty Swain) who was behind the attack. As far as Lilith was concerned, enough was enough. At that point, they decided to the House of Dust where they suspected the cult was hiding, in order to confront them. They stopped to pick up Emma Lee as they knew she would need her help in dealing with these sinister girls.

Finding their way to the House of Dust, they encountered Minerva Mink, the former ally of Emma Lee. Since Minerva, in the service of Carnamagos, could taste her revenge on her former ally, she threw some insults at the group but was surprised when they not only fought back but managed to drive her off before determining exactly what she was doing here. But in a short of amount of time, they would discover why she was present.

Gaining entry to the house, they found the gathered Cult of Vesta led by Betty and backed up by her trusted associates, Piper Stevens and Giada Broadchurch. In a short amount of time, the gathered cultists decided they had enough of the interference from Simon, Emma Lee and Lilith and unleashed their terrible magic. But things began to get far more complex when Caramagos unleashed an avatar of darkened tentacles to strike out at his enemies and former servant. As Emma Lee displayed excellent martial prowess, Simon demonstrated amazing bravery and Lilith kept her wits about her, they managed to fend off not only the Cult but also the horrific avatar. But in the chaos, the entire Cult, with the exception of Sophie, was dragged into oblivion.

Emma Lee did not escape unscathed, however. She was hurt badly and was in desperate need of rest. She was dropped off at her house and when she emerged from her hot shower, she was shocked to see Garret Larson in her bedroom. Emma Lee, knowing that an intimate encounter was exactly what she needed to get back in sorts and erase the memories of Raphael Castalanta. However, as she made her move to seduce him, she realized his eyes seemed glassy and before she could react, the trap was sprung. Annabell Starr and Bree Cartwright entered the room, demanding the amulet that Emma Lee had taken a few days previously. Before she was forced to make a violent act or defend herself, Simon arrived, almost as if summoned, and help intimidate them into leaving without an altercation. But it was clear Annabel was not finished and would remember Simon’s interference. But Emma Lee’s desire for passion and sexual contact allowed her to give herself to Simon for a night of carnal pleasures which suddenly had the same effect as if it were Garret.

After their sexual encounter, the two of them shared a vision. They both saw what had really happened to Arden Rice. He had met with Yasmine Castalanta who subsequently killed him for what he knew about the supernatural activities that were going on in San Luis Obispo.

The following day was the funeral for Arden Rice. Most of the school had come to pay their final respects to someone who was well respected by his friends. After the funeral, Simon and Lilith returned to The Library to see what they could find about Aslam Khan.

On the other hand, Emma Lee found Yasmine in the parking lot and was desperate to find out if the two of them were ‘good.’ Yasmine assured Emma Lee that the two of them were good. After all, Emma Lee was no longer dating her cousin, Raphael, something that Yasmine could never approve of. If the two of them were still together, there would have been a problem because, as Yasmine put it, Emma Lee was not worthy of the Castalanta line. Yasmine made it very clear that if something had happened between the two of them and Emma Lee had gotten pregnant, Yasmine, herself, would have ‘dug the mongrel out’ with her own claws if need be. Emma Lee suddenly realized she was dealing with a dangerous – and insulting – individual. Before she left, Yasmine left Emma Lee with another request – tell Lilith that she should end the relationship with Raphael sooner rather than later or else she, Yasmine, would be forced to deliver a dire and definitive message, something that would be drenched in pain and suffering.

At The Library, Simon and Lilith did eventually find references to Aslam Khan. They discovered the only reference was to an ancient sorcerer-king in what is now Turkey, from over 1500 years ago who disappeared at the end of his reign. Could this somehow be the same man that Lilith’s mother had a relationship with? Was this possibly Lilith’s father?

That evening the group got together at Lilith’s favorite pizza place and Emma Lee pulled Lilith aside to explain what had happened with Mahala. She stated that Mahala had given her the lipstick that would cloud Raphael’s mind. Not only was she not going to use it but she suspected it was some kind of trick or trap. Whereas Emma Lee stated she has grown to like Mahala, she simply does not trust her.

Later the group discussed a variety of possibilities in getting their hands on the Tome of Destiny. They felt the best plan was not to get inside of Hollis Dandy’s house, but rather to somehow intercept it from whomever was delivering it. For this, they felt, they needed Molly Sterling and her arcane powers.

When Emma Lee returned to her house she saw, almost as if it were some divine intercession, Mahala sitting on her doorstep. Mahala came inside with Emma Lee and explained that there were few people in Mahala’s life that she trusted and liked. She valued Emma Lee’s friendship and needed someone like her on her side when the final war came. Emma Lee did not seem to understand but Mahala did what she could to impress upon Emma Lee the dangers that were ahead. Between Carnamagos and the Castalanta family, the town would likely be destroyed in a short amount of time and only Mahala and her powers, with the help of her new apprentice, Molly, would be able to spare the city. Strangely, this seemed to be new to Emma Lee and the realization of the dangers these other posed had a strong impact on her. Why then, would Mahala be interested in getting Raphael to fall in love with her (Emma Lee) again? Mahala said that perhaps he could be spared and since he was important to Emma Lee, it was something she was willing to do. With that, Mahala further confessed that she was, in her own way, in love with Emma Lee but knew that love would never be returned but if she could make Emma Lee happy, then she would be willing to make that sacrifice.

Finally, Mahala asked for the lipstick back when she found out that Emma Lee was never going to use it. Mahala stated that it was an item that she might be able to give to someone else. Emma Lee reluctantly returned the lipstick and with that Mahala left. But after she was gone, Emma Lee could not help but think that Mahala’s arrival was nothing short of miraculous with regards to timing.


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